Construction & Real Estate Litigation

Hart Wagner lawyers have decades of experience defending construction and real estate professionals in the Pacific Northwest.

Construction Litigation

Hart Wagner lawyers have decades of experience defending construction professionals in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Our clients choose us because of our comprehensive understanding of the industry, our meticulous preparation, and our skill in the courtroom.

Unparalleled trial experience gives us the upper hand when it comes to defending your work. We also pride ourselves on our ability to avoid legal disputes through preventative measures that save our clients money and time.  We litigate everything from residential construction, condominiums and commercial projects of all sizes, as well as bridges and highways. We handle commercial, multi-family, hospital and public institution projects and claims.

Our clients include every member of the construction industry: architects, developers, contractors, suppliers, and more. You can depend on us for a bold and decisive legal action from simple to complex claims, and we have the results to prove it.

Real Estate Litigation

If you are a licensed real estate agent/broker or property manager facing a professional negligence or licensing claim, Hart Wagner will provide pragmatic counsel and representation.  We understand that real estate transactions can be emotional and sometimes the parties look to the agent or broker when claiming a lack of disclosure or a failure to properly represent them in the transaction.

We have represented agents and brokers throughout Oregon and Washington in a variety of lawsuits and binding arbitration claims.  We are familiar and comfortable with the listing and purchase/sale agreements used and how the language can best protect you from a claim of professional negligence.

Hart Wagner is prepared to vigorously defend claims against your license or those alleged for monetary damages.  We are experienced with the processes and understand the importance of evaluating the benefits of an early resolution versus defending a claim through the litigation channels.  You can rest assured that Hart Wagner will work to protect your professional reputation and defend allegations of professional negligence.