Joe Traylor Secures $14.3 Million Dollar Settlement for the Victims of Snohomish County Sheriff Car Crash

Traylor, counsel for the plaintiff, successfully secured a $14,348,743 settlement for his clients Tom and Margarita Gillette.  On April 17, 2015, Tom Gillette was performing a home remodel in Everett, Washington.  As he reached into the bed of his truck to retrieve a saw horse, he was struck at high speed by a Snohomish County Sheriff’s deputy who had ran a stop sign doing nearly twice the speed limit.  The Deputy collided with another vehicle in the intersection and then spun into Gillette.  The impact from the police car caused massive traumatic and life threatening permanent injuries including amputations of both legs.  Traylor, a 20+ year member of the firm ordinarily represents defendants in such cases which gave him an edge in securing the largest plaintiff’s settlement in the history of the firm.  Whether working for the plaintiff or the defendant, Hart Wagner attorneys are known throughout the northwest for their skill in the courtroom.